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  • Nxsser
    • 15.1K
  • Junerule
    Hey guys! I've just released "I Don't Wanna Love You" with Miami Beats. You'll love it ;)
    Let me know what you think <3
    • 16.5K
  • Laurentius
    Hej everyone!
    Martin Miller, Emelie Cyréus and I released our first track with Miami Beats / ATLAST!
    It's called 'Love Lane' and you will be able to stream it on

    Much love and cheers to the first of many releases with the wonderful ATLAST team! <3
    • 25.1K
  • Pule
    Amazing one Jay Dixie! Looking forward for more! 😁
    • 27K
  • Jay Dixie
    Soooo hyped my new track 'Without You' is OUT NOW!
    Go stream/buy it & let me know what you think! ;)
    • 34K
  • Paul James
    Hey guys! Just dropped my first song at ATLAST w the fams Dottixs and Ferio.!😁 What a journey! Hope you like it & stay tuned, there is more to come!🤙
    • 35.7K
  • The Him
    Just released Desperados today!! So happy to finally have a new track out 😁... what do you think? 🙌❤
    • 35.7K
  • B'Bach
    Hey guys, It's been a while! How are you these days? Have you already heard my new song 'Daydreaming' ? If not, you can listen to it now and immediately catch the vacation vibe! 🎷🌴
    • 38K
  • Teddy Beats
    What up fam! What's everyone got going on this week?
    • 38.6K
  • Polux
    Feel Alive is out now! 🏝️
    I created this track thinking about summer and i Hope you feel this tropical vibe 🔥
    • 40K
  • Nxsser
    I am keeping you guys updated for my @tremble release on Instagram, come check it out @nxsserofficial
    • 40.2K
  • Nxsser
    ATLAST is pog !!!
    • 41.6K
  • Nxsser
    • 41.7K
  • Teddy Beats
    Hey Fam! What's everyone been up to this summer? I've been having fun grilling and chilling in my backyard, we have a fire put surrounded by some beautiful tropical plants and a little squirrel friend that comes to visit us. If you need some new music for your own summer chill seshes, my new song 'Show Me' has all the feels. Out now on Miami Beats!
    • 44.5K
    It seems some of you weren't able to login while we were upgrading our servers. Everything should be working again, so check it out and else you can chat with us here: ATLAST
    • 45.3K
    We're so excited to see more and more of you guys join our family, submitting demos, promos and chatting with us. We've been working on new features and have been updating our servers to bring you even more cool stuff. Stay tuned! 💾🔥
    • 45.3K
  • Dottixs
    Hey Guys! My new song "U & I" is Out Now on TREMBLE
    Hope you like it! 🔥
    • 57.9K
  • DiVij
    hello evryone, Now is now out! go stream it and let me know what you think!
    • 58.3K
  • B'Bach
    Hello there! This is B'Bach. I'm so excited because my new single 'Shake It' is finally out now on Miami Beats!
    Hope you like it! ✨
    • 62.6K
  • mavzy grx
    Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a lovely week :)

    My new song This Love with Krevix is out now on TREMBLE, you can find it here

    Really hope you guys like this one. Glad to be back on this great label!
    • 61.6K


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